Convert your PC into a WiFi hot spot for free.


Have you checked the most popular application of Wi-Fi router for windows operating system which revealed in the name of Virtual Wifi Router this year, not the underlying tech of course but a new piece of software that wants to make it even easier to plunge your whole home and wonderful soothing connectedness. Virtual Wi-Fi Router is a new router which basically is a tiny application that pairs up with others and the best feature of this application is that it ensures all the connected devices and range of performance of the each device.

Virtual wifi Router is definitely one of the best applications for windows and it has modular customize home networking options with the full gamut of modern wireless network technology support higher connectivity with simpler set up and making a mess tech work.

Virtual Wifi Router optimizes your router performance behind the scenes. But a companion app gives you direct control over network conditions which means if you need to outfit a larger house you’re still going to be top of the line using this individual virtual wifi router.

virtual wifi router

Virtual WiFi Router is Windows 7 and Windows 8 Application used to transform PC in to Wi-Fi hotspots which is completely free of charge. Using Virtual Wifi Router it is possible to create a wifi hotspot for WiFi Inverse Tethering for wireless local area network supported mobile phones, tablets, Iphones and other wifi enabled computer to share web and to create a hotspots. Let’s get started to convert your computer in to a Wi-Fi hotspot for free of charge.

Everyone gets feel disappointed when you observe that seventeen individuals at the desk with just one Ethernet port in the wall. By switching computers into wifi router with Complimentary Virtual Wifi Router, each you can get the system link. Using the Wi-Fi hotspot that is created free, it is possible to wirelessly share any internet connection Cable Device, including LAN, Wireless, dialup, Ethernet Broadband Card, Mobile 4 Wi-Fi, etc.


Your computer has Wi-Fi capability, and if you might have a wireless router application, it is possible to use the program to share the connection of your computer with other wireless devices.

The programmers behind Virtual Wi-Fi Router built this application keeping in mind with the thought of ease of use so they’ve made this program quite simple and which can be handle by anyone either they’re beginners or advanced users.

Interface of Virtual wifi router application is very simple and just by left clicking; it can be accessible from your system tray. All the menus of the application can be procured immediately and setting up the Wi-Fi will take actually no time. This application lets you set the name of the new connection which you are going to create and you can even choose the kind of connection that you share in the ones which are accessible.

virtual wifi router settings

You will see configure button in the interface of this virtual wifi router application, By pressing on Configure button a brand new window will pop up which will let you establish a password which all the devices must input so that you can get the internet connection. The new Wi-Fi connection is empowered that’s run quietly in the system tray that will allow other devices to connect readily after this Setup procedure is finished.

The best feature of Virtual Wi-Fi Router application is that it displays all the connected devices (Smartphone’s, notebooks, tablet computers etc) which are linked to your own home networks and also this feature has a capability to can see just what amount of devices are joined at the minute.

What is Wi-Fi and Wireless Routers?

The couple of pieces of equipment that are very commonly used by computer users. Maybe not directly but there on your desk or in your home or your office. And they’re important thing for your internet connection. Why if you’re not using one of these pieces of equipment why you might want to. And to help make your computer more safe and secure.

So our one of the things I should probably mention is an Internet Connection. I’m talking about something your internet or not working a lot of people miss use that term. If they miss use a computer term because it most times it’s never been explained to you properly. The term internet does not specific just mean web browsing like a lot of people say. The internet is not working and they’re just talking specifically about the fact that can get the white pages.

Internet actually includes web but it also includes email and other things such as instant messengers, chat things like that video chats audio chats text chats. That all falls within the umbrella term of internet. So. if your internet it’s not working at means both the web doesn’t work and all the things of internet got in hold

The Computer term that not everybody understands and they people don’t really understand how it works. And what this is is something called wifi. This Means wireless internet. What is the different between something called a wifi and wireless router. What are the benefits of them the wireless router and wifi. But it is there some relation between the 2 because you get wifi a wifi signal from a router in the first place.

Now there are trying several kinds of wireless and down you have wireless that’s used to hook something like a keyboard and mouse up. To your computer this maybe through something called Bluetooth. One of the more common types of wireless in that context. But what I’m talking about really is wireless for the internet.

Now, wifi is built into many Laptops. Pretty much every laptop these days. And after a few years now and it’s also built into many desktop computers.

Wifi is used primarily with computers but also sometimes with devices like this the Android phones and iPhone. And while this mainly uses the cell phone connection the cellular network. For not just phone calls but also for getting on the internet. You can also use wifi. So there’s a little bit of an overlap between where it’s used it’s not just on computers. But it’s also on some devices such as the iPhone and other similar devices like it.